Why Stormcast?

Our multi award winning patented stormwater attenuation solution is the market leader and most widely used in the UK. It has a proven track record with over 1700 installations. Stormcast is now recognised throughout the industry by Designers, Engineers and Local Authorities. Stormcast is the market leader and most widely used stormwater attenuation solution in the UK.

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Stormcast Benefits

To Developers
  • Release potential development land
  • Instantly identify and plan the best value solution with Stormcast LiveQuote
  • National agreement and rebate schemes available
  • Section 104 Adoptable
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To Project Managers
  • Small site team required
  • Rapid installation
  • Approved installer network if required
  • Tailored technical support
  • Complete package including design, drawings and RAMS
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To Drainage Contractors
  • As simple as laying pipes
  • More revenue in your contract
  • Phased installation process integrating seamlessly with other site operations
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The Stormcast process and typical timeline




Pre-Installation Planning

Efficient Installation

Inspection & Maintenance

Firm Quote with LiveQuote Within 1 hour
Design and drawings (for approval) 14 days
Design and drawings DfMA Standard (web download available) Instant with LiveQuote
Manufacture and delivery (depending on size and complexity) 7 - 28 days
Installation (depending on size and complexity) 5 - 28 days

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Carlow Precast Concrete Engineering
Advanced Infrastructure Design

We are at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology, undertaking responsibility for the design and delivery of some of the largest precast concrete infrastructural projects in the UK and Ireland.

Whether your project is large or small, we can take overall design responsibility or provide just the service you need. We support the site teams using all modern design technologies (including BIM) to deliver competent innovative solutions on time, with less cost and less carbon.

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What Stormcast Clients say

Stormcast proved more beneficial than in-situ due to cost, health and safety, maintenance and future extension. Given the constraints of the development, we feel Stormcast provided the most economical and robust solution

Anthony Tang, Technical Manager, Persimmon Homes

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